If you have studied Standard Arabic before, have you ever wondered why Egyptians say (Talg, تلج) instead of the correct way which is (Thalg, ثلج)?

Egyptians always avoid making the correct sounds of some letters such as (ث, ظ, ذ, ق, ط) as their sounds are considered heavy. Instead, they replace these letters with some other letters that have similar sounds (I will talk about each one in the next lessons).

In this lesson, I will start with the letter (ث), and replacing it w/ (ت). Be aware that this is not a rule to be applied to each word that has the letter (ث); you only need to memorize some of the most frequently used words in the Egyptian dialect.

Such as (Notice that it’s OK to write the following words with the letter (Taa, ت) if it’s for informal writing like chatting)

Snake (ثعبان  —> تعبان ):

Price (ثمن  —> تمن):

Fox (ثلعب —> تعلب):

Three (ثلاثة —> تلاتة):

A lot/too many (كثير —> كتير):

Garlic (ثوم —> توم):

There are the most important words you need to memorize for now.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

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