The sound of the letter (zaal – ذ) one of the sounds that most of Egyptians like to avoid to pronounce while speaking! They replace it with other sounds such as (daal – د) and (zeiy – ز).

There is no rule to be applied here, all depends on the native speaker and how they actually talk. I’d always encourage you to make the sounds the correct way, but the point of this lesson is to be aware of different ways of pronunciations so you don’t get confused when you speak with locals! So all you need to do is to practice as much as you can, and everything will be easier if you work hard!

Here are some of the most common examples:

Wolf ——> ذئب (Standard Arabic pronunciation):

Wolf ——> ديب (Egyptian pronunciation):

Smart, Intelligent ——> ذكي (Standard Arabic pronunciation):

Smart, Intelligent ——> زكي (Egyptian pronunciation), notice you can’t say دكي with the letter (daal – د):

Humiliate ——> يذل (Standard Arabic pronunciation):

Humiliate ——> يزل (Egyptian pronunciation), note that it’s incorrect to spell it with the letter zeiy , but that’s how it’s pronounced in Egyptian dialect, and you will find some Egyptians write it incorrectly with the letter zeiy as well :

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