This slang means different things:  Awesome, someone looks good, so good, or to describe someone/something. You can use it to describe a person or an object.

Here are some examples to show you how to use it:

1- To Say Someone Looks Good–

Hey Kareem, you look so good today! —–> ايه ياكريم! انت النهارده شكلك جامد جداً

2- To Describe An Amazing Experience or Object–

It was an amazing trip! ——> دي كانت رحلة جامده جداً

I bought a new TV yesterday, it’s so sick! —–> أنا اشتريت تليفزيون جديد إمبارح،  تليفزيون جامد جداً

3- To Describe The Condition Of Some Material–

My new phone is solid, it’s hard to bend it —–> تليفوني الجديد جامد جداً، صعب يتني

4- To Say Someone Is Good At Doing Something–

Your son Kareem is so good at Math, I bet he will get an A+ on his next test ——>

ابنك كريم جامد جدا في الحساب، أراهنك ان هو هيجيب ممتاز في الامتحان الجاي

If you still have any questions about the slang term “Gamed Gedan”, please leave a comment!

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