Studying grammar can be one of the most difficult and boring tasks when you learn a new language. It’s so challenging; especially when it comes time to conjugate verbs in different tenses.

The Arabic grammar is considered difficult, complicated, and especially tough! So, I wouldn’t recommend studying it the academic way, especially, if you’re willing to learn the Egyptian dialect as it’s a different system than the grammar in the Modern Standard Arabic.

Nevertheless, I will give you 2 simple steps that will help to conjugate any (regular verb) in the present tense (in Egyptian dialect).

Step 1- Start With The  Verb In The 3rd Person, Past Tense Form (هو):

For example verb (To Write), in Egyptian dialect, we use (كتب) which is the 3rd person conjugation in the past. If you’re not sure how to get the verb conjugated in the 3rd person.  You can use any English to Arabic dictionary.

I recommend Babylon as it is a rich dictionary, and it will give you multiple synonyms for the word/verb you looking for.

Step 2- Add The Following Prefix And Suffix To The Verb (3rd Person هو) For Each Pronoun:

Let’s apply the above to an example, let’s conjugate the verb “يشرب” which is the infinitive form of the verb “to drink”:

1- Getting the 3rd person conjugation in the past which is “شرب”:

2- Add the prefix and the suffix when it’s applicable!

أنا بشرب —–>

انت بتشرب —–>

انتي بتشربي —–>

انتوا بتشربوا —–>

هو بيشرب —–>

هي بتشرب —–>

هما بيشربوا —–>

احنا بنشرب —–>

And that’s it! It’s pretty simple, this way you can conjugate any regular verb in the present tense. In the next lessons, we will know how to use the present tense in Egyptian Arabic, and what it the difference between the regular and irregular verbs.

I hope it helps you, please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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