We use the word “بيئة” to describe someone, something or a part of a city of being “Ghetto”.

Notice that the word “بيئة” means “Environment” in standard Arabic, but it also means “Ghetto” in the Egyptian slang.

Here is the pronunciation of “بيئة”:



عمر: كريم، انت شايف الواد اللي هناك ده؟

Omar: Kareem, do you see that boy over there? 

كريم: اه، ماله؟

Kareem: Yeah, what about him? 

!عمر: شكله بيئة أوي، لابس فانلة حمرا علي بنطلون أخضر

Omar: He looks so ghetto wearing that red t-shirt with green pants!

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