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The best and fastest way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in its culture. You also need to speak it every day! Visit my blog for 10 to 15 mins every day, check my posts, podcasts, grammar and pronunciation tips, and more! 

All you need to do is to listen to my audios and repeat after me as much as you can, and remember practice makes perfect!


Frequently Asked

Why Learn the Egyptian Arabic Dialect?

Egypt is one of the biggest countries in the Arabic world. With a population of over 90 million. Egyptian dialect is well understood in the most of other Arabic countries due to the popularity of the Egyptian media.  Furthermore, it’s easy and too much fun to learn! 

Do I Need To Learn Modern Standard Arabic?

The majority of native speakers in the Arabic countries don’t speak the Modern Standard Arabic, they speak their own Arabic dialect! You only need to learn Modern Standard Arabic if you’re going to study the Quran or any other Islamic studies. You need to learn the dialect of the country you go to live in so you can get by there! 

Why Do People Love Egypt?

Egypt is a cozy place! it’s safe and Egyptian are so kind and friendly people. No need to mention the Egyptian history and the charming beaches in Sinai and Hurghada! Also, Egypt is a cheap place to live, as a result, a lot of foreigners would love to move to Egypt. 

Egypt is has been called (Om El Donya) Mother of The World, where is all people are welcome!


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