As I mentioned in the previous lesson , studying grammar can be a nightmare for the beginners.  Therefore, I recommend that you don’t focus mainly on it in the beginning so you don’t get bored or frustrated quickly!

However, on this website, I will break it down into small pieces in order for you to digest easily! So let’s begin with some simple questions and their answers:

What is the Regular verb in Arabic?

–  We call regular verbs (الفعل الصحيح – alfaAl alsaheyah) in Arabic. This includes is any verb where the 3-letter root doesn’t include the following letters (و، ا، ي). An example is the verb (كتب – katab) which means “he wrote”.

What is the Irregular verb in Arabic?

–  Easy! It’s the opposite of the regular verb, and is any verb  where the root includes one or two of these letters (و، ا، ي). We call it (الفعل المعتل – alfaAal almaAwtal) in Arabic. An example is the verb (نام – naam) which means “he slept”.

Note that the letters (و، ا، ي) are called (حروف العلّة – herouf alaEla) in Arabic.

Awesome! We’re going to stop here for now. As we’ve agreed, we will study the grammar slowly, we don’t have to rush! The listening and speaking are more important to you, especially, in the beginning.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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