We learned how to form the past tense in Egyptian Arabic previously. In this lesson, we are going to learn how to form the past tense. By following the same 2 simple steps:

We are going to conjugate the same verb in the previous lessons which is “يشرب”. As we learned before, the 3rd person conjugation of the verb  “يشرب” in the past is “شرب”. 



Step 2- Add The Following Prefix And Suffix To The Verb (3rd Person هو) For Each Pronoun:



The full conjugation of the verb “يشرب” in the past tense:

I will drink – أنا هشرب :


You (M) will drink – انت هتشرب :


You (F) will drink – انتي هتشربي :


He will drink – هو هيشرب :


She will drink – هي هتشرب :


We will drink – احنا هنشرب :


You (All) will drink – انتوا هتشربوا :


They will drink – هما هيشربوا :







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