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I’m always being asked “which Arabic dialect should I learn? I don’t know which one is best for me!”

Of course, this subject could be confusing for anyone who is trying to learn Arabic from scratch, and they don’t know which dialect to choose. In my opinion, it’s easy to pick up the proper dialect for you as it depends on your personal goals and why you need to study Arabic in the first place.

For instance, if you want to learn Arabic for religious purposes, you should learn the Standard Arabic then; and it wouldn’t be beneficial for you if you learn any other dialect. If you are traveling or immigrating to a specific country for work, you must learn its dialect. The same thing you should do if you have a romantic relationship with someone, you really must learn their dialect.

In case that you don’t a specific reason behind learning Arabic in general, and you want to learn it because you just love it. And you are confused which dialect to pick; then, I can recommend the Egyptian dialect to you. Not because I am Egyptian 😉 but sincerely, the Egyptian dialect is so easy to learn, and there are other exciting facts besides it’s a lovely dialect!

Egyptian dialect is popular in the Arab world through the media, movies, and songs. Egypt is has been considered the Hollywood of the Middle East, especially in the Arab world. So instantly, once you learn it, you will be understood in any other Arab country and will not face any problems dealing or communicating with people speak with different Arabic accents.

The second thing, the population, population density in Egypt is so high with a population exceeds 90 million people (As far as I know, but I believe it’s over 100 million people!).

Grammar is not the first priority in Egyptian Arabic, pronunciation rules as well. I already published some articles about the Egyptian pronunciation and how so Egyptians pronounce some letters in different ways, for instance, letters (س، ص، ث) as sometimes they confuse one with the other! It’s not a strict dialect, there is more space and freedom when it comes into grammar and pronunciation, unlike any other accent!

Egyptian dialect is so enjoyable and funny, Egyptian always known with having sense of humor, plus the benefit of the Egyptian media. Also, Egypt is full of life, it’s a beautiful country where tourists love to visit. It has an ancient civilization, charming shores, people love to go there to enjoy the warmth of sun.

In conclusion, if you don’t have any practical reason to study Arabic, religious, work, or personal relationship; you need to consider learning the Egyptian accent! Try it, you will never regret it. It will be beneficial for you in some way or another. And you find all the support from where you can find the best materials to learn the most popular Arabic Accent!

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