Pronunciation (Franco Arabic): 3ysh

English: Bread.

Arabic: عيش

Egyptian Arabic: العيش البلدي من أهم الحاجات اللي بيعتمد عليها الشعب المصري في الفطار بتاعه

Franco Arabic: el 3ysh el balady mn 2hm el 7agat ely by3tamed 3liha el sha3b el masry fel fetar beta3o

English:  el 3ysh el balady —-> Local bread made in Egypt, Egyptians depend heavily on it.

mn 2hm el 7agat —-> One of the most important things

ely —-> That

by3tamed 3liha —-> Depend on

el sha3b el masry —-> The Egyptian people

fel fetar —-> At breakfast

beta3o —-> His (In this case it should be translated “their” because it refers to the Egyptian people).

Note that the same word “عيش” means “live” when you command someone, same letters but different pronunciation: Live your life —–> 3eesh 7ayatak —-> عيش حياتك

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