Pronunciation (Franco Arabic): makaroona

English: Pasta.

Arabic: مكرونة

Egyptian Arabic: من أشهر الأكلات المصرية مكرونة بالبشاميل، لو حد فيكم زار مصر لازم يجربها

Franco Arabic: mn ashhar el 2akalat el masrya macaroona bel bechamel, lw 7ad fekom zar masr lazem yegarabha.

English: mn ashhar el 2akalat —-> One of the most popular food

macaroona bel bechamel —-> Egyptian baked pasta

lw 7ad fekom —-> If any one of you

zar masr —-> Visit Egypt

lazem yegarabha —-> Have to try it (Note that yegarab = try, ha connected to the verb which means it).

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